Monday, April 26, 2010

My Girl's Growing Up

I see it in her everyday, she is growing up. On Friday, she took time before she left with her dad to ask what her baby sister and I were going to do that day. I said we were going to the hospital b/c lil' puffers was going to have another swallow study performed. I said let's pray puff has improved and we can thin her liquids a little more. Not thinking anything about it, I took her to the door and waved goodbye. We went about our day, and I sent daddy to pick her up after our hospital visit so I could run by the store. When I got home, Ryan advised that the monkey's teacher said our monkey did the sweetest thing at lunch time. Our grown-up girl asked her friends to say a prayer for her little sister b/c she was having a test done today, so that she could eat better. My heart melted when I heard it, and just one more reason I know our girl is growing up. Oh, and that prayer must have worked b/c we now get to thin the liquids a bit more for our lil' puffers, which has made each feeding this weekend like starting all over, but will take it :)

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Hall's said...

That is too sweet