Sunday, July 25, 2010

Were Back, Just took a little break....

Well just as I knew it would happen, we took a bit of a break from the blog as I returned back to work in mid-June. Things have been going fairly smoothly and we have got a bit of a routine down now. Three days a week we have a nanny for our little puffball, daddy stays home 1-day with her, and then I work from home 1 day. So far, this seems to be working well for all parties. Our nanny is Tennielle and she brings her adorable little boy Hunter along, who is exactly 3 weeks older than Elinn. They have great fun together, and Tennielle has been a little blessing for us and caring so well for Elinn!!

Here are a few pics of Elinn with her new bud Hunter!

We have also been enjoying our summer! It has been great weather for dips in the pool. Our monkey has turned into a real fish. She can now conquer 2 lengths of the pool without her wings, as well as jumping in for cannon balls, etc. She loves to have her wings off, if we are not in the water with her!! Puffers on the other hand loves to just watch from afar, just relaxing. We have to be quite careful with her and the water, b/c the smallest drops that make it to her mouth could cause her to choke. I just hope as she gets older she can enjoy the water as much as her big sis. Now for a few pics from our summer fun!! You will see sibling rivalry has already started in a few pics :)

In other news, we have enjoyed a close friends wedding and spending time with family and friends. We hate that the summer is flying bye, b/c we enjoy soaking up the daylight for walks, and late evening swims and ice cream. Were so glad the monkey misses the cutoff for kindergarten in the fall, as this mama just isn't ready for her baby to begin school yet. These last 5 years have just flown bye. She will remain at her same daycare and begin Pre-k with one of her favorite teachers and her best buddy Eli.

Here's a cute story from this week. Addie's class had a field trip to see Toy Story 3, and during the movie there was a scary part where a building or something caught on fire. Her buddy Eli was right there beside her, patting her back and letting her know when the scary part had ended. They are just so cute together, and he is adorable. A real sports nut already. He always shows Ryan and I his latest Cubs or Butler hat or shirt.

Well other than given you the latest stats on our lil' puffers, I think I have somewhat caught everyone up on our household happenings. So for 6 months, Elinn weighed in at 13 lbs. 4 oz. and was 26 1/2 inches. She is close to sitting up on her own, as she can make it a couple of seconds without any help. She also is enjoying her baby food, practicing drinking from a cup, and puffs!! She is doing quite well other than her recurrent ear infections, which we hope to get under control at her next ENT visit in August. Here are some more pics of our summer fun, enjoy!