Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where we've been

Well were way over due for a blog post. I'm sure some of you may be wondering what we have been up to the last couple of months. Well the highlight has been our wonderful trip to Disney World the first week in May. The monkey was in absolutely heaven with all those princesses and characters. She loved the rides and it was fun to see how everything comes to life, it truely was magical. She additionally loved spending time at the resort pool, it was sunny and 95 + almost everyday. Mimi and Umpa joined us on this adventure and it was lots of fun to spend some extra time with just them. We were especially glad to have Umpa along as he got choosen to ride the spinning tea cups, not a favorite for the rest of us!! Upon our return, we got to stay in Indy for an extra night and attend our cousin "Cookie's" 4th birthday party. He was a little under the weather, but made a miracuously come back to enjoy cake, skateboarding, and playing outside with his monkey "BoBo's". A good time was definitely had by all on our week off, even daddy enjoyed the craziness of Disney World, despite the heat and crowds. Were still working on a video of some of the trip that we hope to share really soon.

For mother's day we returned home and I recieved a rather cool present this year, which I will get to later. The rest of May was filled with the monkey's first boogie bus recital (so cute), getting our pool ready for the summer, catching up at work, and ensuring we are ready for the monkey's summer field trip schedule at daycare.

So, that bring's us to June, which has started a little rough. We did have a good time celebrating our niece Maggie's 2nd birthday, she is absolutely hesterical. She talks more than any 2 year old I have met and is just like her Daddy, full of personality!! We have made some quick trips back to Indiana, due to some loved ones not doing so well, but I am truly glad we were able to get back and spend some time with our family.

Speaking of family, back to the cool mother's day present I received. Upon our return home from Disney, we found out that our family of 3 will soon be turning into a family of 4!!! That's right, the monkey will become a big sister in January 2010.... You may not want to ask her about it, she is a little less than thrilled. I have been quite sick this time around, and am currently almost 9 wks. along. I am praying I feel better again at around 12-13wks., so hopefully not to much longer. When we told the monkey she said she doesn't want one, and am only sick b/c I have tummy ache and it is not because their is a baby in there!!! We hope her views change as it all becomes more real to her, but will see.... For now, we plan to enjoy our summer and have fun with all our family and friends.... Promise, a video will becoming soon.