Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been way too loooong!

Sorry friends, I have stayed away from blogging for way to looooong! No real good reasons either, since we had such a long winter. Backing up a bit, christmas was great (Elinn's 1st), but we all got the stomach flu. Luckily, our birthday girl was able to avoid it and enjoy all the festivities. Ryan and I were even able to enjoy two date nights both including dinner and a movie (note-haven't had a date since!) I then started a new role at working after the first of the year and have remained very busy ever since. We are all ready for spring and summer. The monkey played in her first soccer game yesterday and the puffball is really enjoying going back to baby sign language again! The monkey also went to kindergarten round-up recently and is looking forward to starting full-day kindergarten this fall. Elinn is now babbling like mad, walking along the furniture and is pretty much nothing but rotten. She is very happy but quite mischevious and our littly bully, if you can believe it! Her big sister is always there to help her out and is so good with her! So hope you enjoy the pics, this should give you a good idea of how big they have gotten :) I hope to post the 1st b-day and some holiday pics once I get everything else downloaded, but we have been working on a book of her first year!!