Monday, April 12, 2010

March Madness Literally, and of course 3 Months

March seems like it was a whirlwind (See 1st picture, for proof). The girls and I made our first long car trip together. Well it wasn't that long, but it seemed like it :) 5 hours later we made it to my parents, but it is really only a 3 hour car ride. We stayed a week, and things actually went fairly smoothly. I got to catch up with friends, celebrate birthdays, and do a little shopping of course!! We also had a leprachaun visit us upon our return. The Monkey loves St. Patty's day, and this year when she returned home from school the leprachaun left her a scavenger hunt, oh what fun we had. I have shared some pics of the adventure. Elinn has continued to change weekly, she is eating more ounces now and cooing and talking quite regularly. Whenever in her swing she goes crazy talking. We haven't quite figured out what she is talking too, but something on that swing sparks her to strike up a big ole' conversation :) We enjoyed the first couple weeks of March Madness ending with a trip or date night for Ryan and I to the Championship game. We closed out the month with a visit from CeCe during her spring break. I was able to busy myself with searching and interviewing nannies for our little E-bear. And finally, I have to officially announce that Elinn has her nickname, little puffers or little puffball as the Monkey likes to call her. So, from this point forward we have a lil' monkey (aka Addie Bobo's) and lil' puffers or puffball (aka Elinn or E-bear or Ely Bear) We like nicknames in this household. So enjoy this months pics, will be back soon!! Unfortunately, I will be returning to work in the not so distant future and I am not looking forward to it :(

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