Friday, October 8, 2010

Conversations with Dad

Hey there, no we haven't forgotten that we have a blog, we have just been really busy with work, kids, activites, etc. lately. But before I forget I wanted to capture some cute conversations that the Monkey had with her daddy recently.

We recently bought our lil' monkey some new tennis shoes to start off a new school year. The other day she wore them for the first time and when daddy came home, here was the conversation..

Daddy: Hey Bobo! (He says this every single day when he comes in the door from work and if he doesn't she gets really upset!)

Monkey: Hey Dada!

Daddy: So how were you new kicks?

Monkey: There not new kicks, there New Balance.... Did you forget, you helped me pick them out!!

So funny, she is quite perceptive.
One night they were watching something on the discovery channel, and so it goes...

Monkey: Did they say the name of that place is Chile?

Daddy: Yes.

Monkey: She thought for a minute? It looks warm there. Is it pretty warm there daddy?

Daddy: Most of the time.

Monkey: Well if it so warm there, why do the call it Chile?

I think he had a little trouble explaining this one! Anyways, he is a very good daddy, I hope to be back soon to post pictures from the buddy walk, and from the Monkey's 5th birthday party. Her real birthday is this Sunday, but we celebrated last weekend while all the family was here for the buddy walk. The party was a Wizard of Oz theme, Mommy did the decorating and Daddy was in charge of games. He spent a couple of late nights making a tin man (pin the heart on the tin man), wicked witch (we thru water balloons on her to melt her), and a lellow brick road, as our dorthy would say! Needless to say a good time was had by all, most importantly our lil "Dorthy". Hope to share the pictures soon. We still can't find the camera, ugh... But my mom is in the process of figuring out how to download all of them to me, will see how that goes! Have a great fall weekend! Were headed to pick pumpkins and apples at our favorite orchard :)

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