Sunday, February 21, 2010

SO, Stinking Cute!!

I love the title of this post, b/c that is what the monkey continues to say to her baby sister. She creeps up beside her and always, I mean always says, E an (as she pronounces it) "You are just so stinkin cute!!" We obviously totally agree with her. And before I forget, I want to capture some of our other favorite monkey happenings, so here is a list in no particular order b/c she too is So, Stinking Cute:

1. When asking for milk in her cereal, she tells Ryan and I every morning... "I want a lot of milk, but not much lot." Ok, we got it we respond.
2. She continues to tell us, when she can not taste something, that "Mom, I don't feel it"
3. She also tells us when our fur or her fur is bothering her, which in 4 year lingo means the hair on her arms or legs.
4. She also absolutely adores Taylor Swift right now and knows every word and I mean every word to most of her songs on the Fearless album. She can belt it out with the best of them.
5. She loves to have dance concerts with her dad, and sometimes mom can sneak in for a dance, but daddy is a little stronger and can do fun lifts, etc. with her.

I just want to pause time right now, b/c time seems to be flying bye right now and I really don't want to forget these moments of the monkey. Elinn also has been changing as well, she has started to hopefully take off in the weight area, and cooing is becoming a little more regular, which is such a sweet sound. She also is doing well with tummy time, we just need to keep working on that head control. Elinn weighed in at 8lb. 12 oz. this week as we are nearing the 2 month check-up.

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