Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Newest Addition

Well I am finally back with pictures. You would think I would have found time to post some by now, but needless to say we have actually been quite busy:) Not that we didn't think we would be or anything!! The Monday after we arrived home from the hospital, we found out that Elinn was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. So, we have been quite busy with doctor visits since then and finding out what Elinn may need initially. Our first week home included 3 Dr. visits alone. We also have had many visitors and some extra hands around here to help out with meals, laundry, and playing with big sister. Big sis is beginning to adjust, but you know it is hard when your 4 and a new little one comes into your world :) She loves her little sister dearly and can typically calm her down by holding her or giving her a pacifier, so cute to see. I have attached a few pics of our new precious little one, so far she is nothing less than SWEET!! She has been a little blessing already and a great addition to our family. Enjoy the pics, I will try and come back soon to provide some additional updates, we do have a cardiologist appt. later today and are hoping for good news and a healthy report :)


Sarah said...

I'm glad she's healthy! She looks like such a sweetheart and i can't wait to meet her!

Hall's said...

What a cute little blessing!