Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goodbye 3, Hello 4!!!

Well a lot has happened since our last post. Ry was in a car accident right after Labor Day, which consumed most of September, helping to get him back on his feet and healed up. He is doing much better now and has been back to work for the past several weeks. The newest monkey's development is now at about 28 weeks and things are still going well. Monkey #1, just celebrated her 4th birthday and she was so excited!! Here are some of the monkey's to do's now that she is 4:

1. Go on another merry go-round

2. Go on a roller coaster

3. Be brave when she goes on Snow White's Scary Adventure if she goes back to Disney World.

4. Play some more games

and a few of her favorites at this stage:

1. Favorite Movie: Snow White

2. Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets

3. Favorite Drink: Apple Juice

4. Favorite Toy: Polly Pockets

5. Favorite thing to do with Mommy: Go to the store

6. Favorite thing to do with Daddy: Go on a date to DQ

And now for a few 4th Birthday pics, we spent her actual birthday just the three of us. We had lunch w/ cake and presents and then we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Last weekend we had an indoor pool party with our friends and family at our local recreation center, needless to say a goodtime was had by all!!

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