Monday, February 9, 2009

Under the Weather

Well we know it's February at this house!! We have made it thru most of the winter without the typical flu or cold infecting Mommy or the Monkey. Only Dad had been our weeble one, with a few stomach bugs... But late last week leave it to me to bring a horrible head cold into our warm home. It started with the sniffles and has now morphed into the Monkey getting Strep Throat and as her Dr. called it Scarlet Fever. Not sure if it is truly the Scarlet Fever of the olden days, but she advised since she has a fever and rash, the strep is doing it's job on her system. She also told us we get to look forward to her skin peeling. Doesn't that sound like fun. Anyways, the Monkey and I have got to spend lots of quality time together watching Season 1 of Punky Brewster, coloring, and creating the best valentines cards yet... The bummer is the weather here has actually warmed up to the 50-60 range and we haven't gotten to enjoy it much. Hopefully, spring is right around the corner. The best part has been how much the monkey loves to cuddle when she is not feeling well and we get to spend time rocking like we used to, who wouldn't enjoy that :) I believe I hear her waking up.... back to mommy duties. I think Daddy is on call tomorrow!

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Sarah said...

I was sick all last week too!
It totally blows.
My brother had Scarlet Fever as a kid. The skin peeling was really gross.