Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st Week Back- Post Holiday

Well were slowly getting into the swing of things for 09'. It was our first week back to work and daycare. The monkey got to move to a new room (The 3's). When asked what her favorite part of her day is, it is definitely serving herself her lunch.. .Oh my, I am sure it is fun for the kiddos, but much more clean up for the teachers. In my thoughts, better them than me :) She also informed me that she played Cinderella and that her favorite little friend who I might add is a boy (E-bear) was her prince charmin'. Don't think dad was to glad to hear that one!! She truly maybe 3 going on 13, afterall!! For us on the other hand, it was a week of chaos and working late, including this weekend. What fun. Our weekend has been spent taking down the christmas decorations, running errands, finishing up returns, and preparing for the next week. Will finish it off getting psyched for the big game "Here we go STEELERS"!!!

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