Monday, December 15, 2008

Hustle and Bustle

Our favorite Mr. and Mrs. Claus, they truly have a love and passion for children and it shows. The monkey was a bit disappointed when they stopped reading and singing christmas songs with her, so mom could get a quick photo!

Don't these look yummy!! Our final product of the monkey's first christmas baking experience:)

The monkey with her friend A, after they got off the Polar Express. They were enjoying their hot chocolate and cookies while having another quick visit with Santa.

The monkey riding the "Big" rocking horse at the mall. She definitely loved riding this horse:)

The monkey with her volunteer from the Crittenton Center. This was a fundraiser to help the local children's home. The monkey got to do her own christmas shopping with her special volunteer and all proceeds benefit the center. She was so proud of her purchases and to put them under the tree.

The monkey after finishing her first daycare program, she was definitely ready to go for her hot chocolate :)

Well we truly have been busy this past week. We went to the Bradley vs. Butler game to see the bulldogs pull off a W, way to go Coach Stevens and thanks for the awesome seats!! We attended the monkey's school program, took a ride on the polar express and the big rocking horse, and attended our neighbors church program. Additionally, we had time to see the best Santa in these neck of the woods, bake cookies, and finish our christmas shopping. I also took time to capture some of our favorite holiday memories thus far. This has truly been an enjoyable season, getting to see the monkey's excitement as she experiences some of these events for the first time. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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